× {{$calculator.$data.result.type}}! If you stake ({{$calculator.$data.x}} from {{$calculator.$data.y}}), and you got {{$calculator.$data.outcome}} prediction(s) correct, with {{$calculator.$data.amount_staked | number:2}} stake. You should win about {{$calculator.$data.result.potential_winning | number:2}} with {{$calculator.$data.odd}} coupon odds
Expected correct selection?
Selections staked?
How many selection is correct
The Coupon Odd for the week
Total Lines {{$calculator.$data.result.total_lines}}
Total Stake {{$calculator.$data.amount_staked}}
Stake Per Lines {{$calculator.$data.result.amount_per_line | number:2}}
Winning Lines {{$calculator.$data.result.winning_lines}}
Winning @{{$calculator.$data.odd}} odd {{$calculator.$data.result.potential_winning | number:2}}
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