How Pools betting works

How Pools betting works

Pools betting is simple and similar to the bet9ja betting but simpler and easier with higher odds. It is restricted to 49 matches for every window for taking predictions, which is usually on weekly basis. 

On the top hand side of the site, you will see the current week. E.g wk 25. 

Next week will be week 26. Upper week is wk 27. And so on..

Each week, a list of 49 matches is put out. See the Fixture 

Basically, A staker is expected to predict at least 3 matches to end in draws.

Pools betting majorly rewards draws.  Unlike bet9ja where there are numerous possibilities to predict e.g home, away, red card, throwing etc

Once atleast 3 matches are predicted and ends in draw, that is jackpot and the staker is paid x40 of their stake.

E.g stake with 1k, win 40k.

Note that draws is the major concern. 

So the prediction looks like this.

Nap: 2,5, 46

Which means the matches on the serial number (for the fixture in question -depending on the week) at 2,5 and 46 must end in draws..

 Nap: this means all prediction listed must come out draws.

A nap can have more than 3 matches. All must come out draw else the prediction is not a win(ie a loss).

E.g 2, 4, 7, 47, 49 -all 5 matches must end in draw and the odd remains 40 basically.


There is permutation: e.g 3 from 4, 3 from 5, 3 from 6 etc or even 4 from 5.

E.g 4 from 5 means you will list 5 matches of which 4 out of it will come out draws. Once this happens, you earn x40 of your stake. 

This winning(from permutation) is then multiplied by the factor obtained from the permutation table to know your final winning. This is so for permuted predictions.

Draw is money...

They carry high odds in bet9ja, nairabet, betking and other betting sites.

Good news is draws gotten from can be staked on any of this platforms. But then their respective winning terms apply. Games gotten from is mainly meant for pools betting.

Why give us a trial ?

Our platform is operated by elites with years of experience in the pools business. 

Our long time in business and growth is a key significance that we are delivering great value and numerous jackpot to ambitious stakers. leverages proven intelligence of pools experts home and abroad to predict quantity draws.

How to get started as a staker.
1) Sign up by clicking the padlock on the top right of the site.

2) Register with your real details. Register Now.

3) Sign in, Then scroll through displayed performances of forecasts and click add to cart your selections.

4) Checkout and make payments.

5) The games is confidentially delivered immediately to your account.
 Click the profile  image,
Click my games to access your games.


How to get started as a Compilers/Publishers.
1) Sign up by clicking the padlock on the top right of the site.

2) Register with your real details. Register Now. Select category as appropriate.

3) Complete the registration and wait for verifcation.

4) As soon as the you are approved, You will have access to the compilers dashboard and will be able to upload your forecasts

5) Only qualifed forecasts will be listed on Nap Gallery

 Predictions Perfomance check and verifcations

Performance and verification check is strict and continous. Usually, Predictions are set for a number of operations(number of consecutive weeks for each apperance). Every week,

any failed forecast/prediction is removed from the Nap Gallery. 

This ensures only the best performing predictions are on the nap gallery and also puts compilers on their toes to put out their best.


Football Pools

In every pools house you enter, you will be given some fortune papers e.g BOB MORTON, SOCCER X RESEARCH, GREAT SOCCER, BIGWIN etc (Also called pools guide/journal or 4 pages) costing 150-200NGN. 

Studying the columns on each page of the 4-paged papers points you  to the areas on the papers where draws appear consistently.

Our football pools is no different from such papers. With computer aided systems,

  1. There is more consistency,
  2. It costs Free,
  3. Available 24/7 anytime anywhere, 
  4. WIth records and automatically marked against pools result


Pools Analysis

Pools analysis helps you confirm/boost confidence in a teams and matches prediction to draw based on past trends. You can now confirm systems or proofs instantly. No more guess works. 



Compilers earn from sales of their forecasts on the website. Compilers will get details during verification.

Referral Bonus

Users can refer other ambitious staker and earn NGN500 per referral. This is not withdrawable and can be used make payments on the website.