Pools Key & System Settings

How does it all work?
1. You buy a system/movement from a seller
2. The seller provides evident records of claimed patterns (Partly, this is where the authenticity of a system is determined).
3. The buyer, now has to keep watching when said patterns will set in future fixtures.
4. Once the pattern sets, the buyer uses the pointers to pick draws, highly likely to play.

This is the tedious, unreliable and traditional process to secure systems from compilers.

Read till the end, you will understand how our system service can bring you closer to Jackpot!

Anytime Arsenal sets on number 1, it will play draw.


It is common knowledge, that arsenal, by its first letter "A" and division, is usually on number 1. 
This points that, most times arsenal played draws and otherwise, it was on number 1. 
The statement above is not totally true because arsenal has been on number 1 and failed too many times.

This and other loops, are being exploited to sell you systems that are not thoroughly vetted.

Have you bought a system before and have any of the following thoughts in your head:
 1. Why will I have to keep watching fixtures to spot the week it sets? I wish someone can watch and always notify me.
 2. I do not even know how soon it will be set?
 3. The seller only showed me the weeks it set and played(Hits). What about the weeks it set and failed(Misses).
 4. What is the ratio of Hit rate to Miss rate.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, keep reading to discover a new way!

What is a Key, System, System Booklet?

The advanced method to secure quality draws is through Keys and System Settings. This is a method based on the "History always repeats itself" mantra.

  • System: This is a directive basically identifying patterns that sets when some lines on fixtures play draw.
  • Key: This is a sample/future prediction coined from the system. A system can have or not have a key. 
  • System Booklet: This contains at least 2 or more systems.

Opting for systems is the wise/ambitious staker's ultimate step. Even though they can be costly, because of the effort required to study patterns and produce them, 
you are likely to buy genuinely because quack compilers/scammers do not have the capacity to produce system settings.

In fact, all Systems must be vetted against their record to determine their genuity, that is why many quacks avoid systems as they will be easily exposed.

However, If you want to be sure you are doing the right thing and not just blowing money away, wasting time and resources on random numbers, you definitely need our 
system services.

You will be able to:

  • Buy trusted shops to buy verifiable system keys and booklets.
  • Load your own system settings directive, so our software can take over and show you where draws are hidden.
  • Get expected intervals for systems & movements to set so you can plan precisely to fire down and stake heavily i.e maximize any opportunity to send pools promoters to hell.
  • Receive notifications anytime your chosen system sets. You will never miss out on any chance and can focus on raising money to stake. 
  • (For compilers) Use our system analytics to prove the genuity and solidity of your system, this will guarantee you easier and numerous sales.
  • All for the price of lunch.

Steps to Enrol for System Service
1. Register here
2. Login and go to system & keys.
3. click "+ new system " to add your system, so it can be loaded.
4. Once it is loaded, you will see metrics, notifications, shares and other important features to achieve jackpots.


Parts of a System Settings
Consider the following examples:

  1. Simple: Any time Arsenal sets on number 2 and meets with Chelsea on top of the bar the following pointers must draw:   Millwall
  2. Complex: Any time Bolton at home meets with the letter 'C', 3 steps underbar, go to 2 weeks ahead, locate Millwall and count 3 steps up.
  3. Coded/Dynamic: Any time Bolton at home meets with the letter 'C', 3 steps underbar, go to 1 week behind, locate Millwall, add first letter code of opponent team.

The following are parts of a system:
1. Settings/Patterns Instruction: This is a directive describing the pattern to watch out for in fixtures. 
2. Settings weeks: The weeks where the pattern or movement sets/occur.
3. Selection/Pointer weeks: The week where pointed lines will be picked. 
4. Pointers: The instruction pointing to the line to bank on in the pointer week, when the system sets.
5. Offset: A pointer has offset if a letter code or team code is added to arrive at the final line to be picked.
6. Frequency: This is how often a system/movement sets in pools fixtures.